“Turned in white the beauty into you darken Nature,”
I will take you to the bright fortress,
The tower of my desire and my madness”

Spanish poet and Nobel Price, Juan Ramón Jiménez, verses.

But Paloma thinks that beauty may not be so white and she likes to add a pop of color.

The Wedding Dress collection by Paloma del Pozo is specially made for brides that really want to wear something different and original, , but never over the place: a trendy design but timeless and deep in classical elegance.

Paloma del Pozo´s wedding dresses are all handmade with the finest fabrics and carefully studied to enhance the bride and make her shine.

Each piece can be adapted and personalized for the bride with the changes she desires. She can also ask Paloma to design a new piece, specially tailored-suited for her.

You can fix an appointment at our showroom (Echegaray St, 23) that´s only a few meters near to “Plaza de Santa Ana” and our store in Madrid. Paloma del Pozo will personally help and advise you in such an important decision. If you prefer to meet her in Barcelona, let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Ojalá novias acuarela

Watercolor of
“Red afternoons,
white nights”
by Marina del Pozo
(close assistant of Paloma)

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